The One Thing SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Hates Most About The HYBE Building

You can’t blame his frustrations!

When it comes to SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, the idol’s visuals are so pure and his talent and charisma are so angelic that it almost seems impossible that he could get angry at anything. Yet, on a recent reality show appearance with the rest of the members, Jeonghan revealed that one thing gets him very angry, and it’s all to do with the HYBE building.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

In 2020, it was announced that BigHit Entertainment (now known as HYBE) had become the largest shareholder of SEVENTEEN’s company Pledis Entertainment. Along with some epic interactions between the artists, it also meant that SEVENTEEN started using the large HYBE building.

New HYBE Building

Despite its size and technologically advanced system, it seems like there are some flaws in the building and it’s enough to drive Jeonghan crazy!

After their recent comeback with “HOT,” the members appeared on the reality show Knowing Bros.

The promo for SEVENTEEN on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

During the episode, member DK hilariously exposed Jeonghan after his member got extremely sensitive during one of their tours. Whether it was aimed at his shoes or the sink, DK perfectly re-enacted some of the iconic moments of Jeonghan.

Jeonghan then explained that the reason behind it was that he doesn’t normally get mad at people but rather things. Super Junior‘s Leeteuk then asked if the idol had any complaints he wanted to share.

The SEVENTEEN member then revealed something about the HYBE building that he wanted to complain about, and it was their “Strict security.”

We’re really strict about security. You need to take off your mask and check your body temperature and recognize your face to open the door. But it didn’t open!

— Jeonghan

Along with some of the other members, Jeonghan then went on to showcase his frustration and although DK might have been exaggerating, it was clear that it annoyed the idol…

Eventually, Jeonghan got into the building, but he was faced with another struggle as face recognition is also needed to get into the practice rooms.

The idol explained that it was the same issues there and that he didn’t understand why HYBE had so much tight and complicated security.

I just don’t understand why we have to go through so many face recognitions! I’ve complained about this a number of times, but it’s still the same.

— Jeonghan

Yet, Jeonghan isn’t the first person to share their frustration with the HYBE building. It’s been an ongoing joke with the artists that the building is so big that endless idols have got lost, whether it’s Lee Hyun or the members of TXT.

| Lee Hyun/YouTube 

Hopefully, HYBE has fixed its security and Jeonghan doesn’t have to go through all that trouble just to get to the dance studio and different parts of the building.

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Source: Knowing Bros