Sexy Concept Group GIRL CRUSH Performs For High School Students, Outraging Netizens

This is not the first time they have done something controversial.

While there are many sexy concept girl groups, GIRL CRUSH is one of the most controversial.


GIRL CRUSH are a dance performance group with a sexy concept that has existed since 2019. Until last year, there was no problem with the group as the three active members were all adults. 

| 걸그룹 걸크러쉬girl-crush official/YouTube

However, the group inspired anger when it was announced that Hayun, a former member of BABA & BLAZE who was 16 years old then, would be added to the line-up.

Hayun | @nugupromoter/Twitter

Netizens were even more outraged as the group’s company lied about Hayun’s participation as a “trainee” member until she was 18. Performances where she dressed and performed the same way as the adult members were discovered online.

Hayun did not turn 18 until November 18, 2023.

Hayun’s outfit has been covered. | @nugupromoter/Twitter

Now, the group have inspired adverse reactions from netizens yet again.

Groups like GIRL CRUSH are often hired to perform at events where only adults are normally present.

GIRL CRUSH performing for military personnel.  | @real_girlcrush/Instagram

A recent performance shared on the group’s Instagram account had an in-video comment that said, “reactions to a girl group performance at a high school festival.” The group were dressed more conservatively than usual, with Hayun wearing safety shorts much longer than the other members.

The following clip showed the group leaving the stage to greet the audience, many of whom looked very young and wore uniforms. One of the members even drops into a sexy pose right in front of a student.

Finally, GIRL CRUSH shared a photo with two students on stage, giving a better look at the gymnasium where the event occurred.

While the group did change their performance, many found the fact they performed for underaged high school students appalling.

Some also commented on how MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa was investigated for her performance at a university festival where the attendees were all presumably adults, but this performance at a high school had not been treated in the same manner.