SF9’s Youngbin Addresses Rowoon’s Departure In Letter To Fans

“I am struggling to find the words…”

SF9‘s Youngbin wrote a letter to fans following Rowoon‘s exit.

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On September 18, SF9’s leader Youngbin shared a letter with fans amid fans’ concerns following Rowoon’s exit.

Hello FANTASY, this is Youngbin.
I am struggling to find the words to console you and am concerned today’s announcement hurt you. I am sorry that there isn’t more I can do to repay FANTASYs except show a better side of me.

— Youngbin

The leader then writes that he had spoken with Rowoon during his most recent military leave and revealed he would be supporting Rowoon’s future.

During my last military leave, I spoke with Rowoon at length. It is true that my heart is conflicted, because in the conversation, we spoke about the many things that happened during the past 7 years. But, I will continue to support Rowoon’s future out of hopes that one day, our truths will reach one another, and we can all smile brightly.

— Youngbin

Youngbin then thanked SF9’s fans for supporting them and asked they continue to look over the group.

As you all know, SF9 is possible thanks to FANTASY. Moving forward, I won’t forget that SF9 only exists thanks to FANTASY, and we will continue to work harder, so please look over us.

— Youngbin

The leader then ended his letter by consoling the group’s fans and thanked them one last time.

Lastly, to FANTASYs that were hurt by the news, I hope your night isn’t long. Thank you, as always.

— Youngbin

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment revealed that Rowoon would be focusing on his acting career. Following the news, Rowoon shared a heartfelt letter to fans that you can read below.

Rowoon Shares Heartfelt Letter With Fans Amid His Departure From SF9


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