Viral Clips From SHINee’s Fan Meeting Earn High Praise For Shawols Showing “Absolute Respect”

“This is goals.”

In celebration of their 15th debut anniversary, SHINee members held a special fan meeting, “2023 SHINee FANMEETING ‘Everyday is SHINee DAY’ : [Piece of SHINE],” from May 27 to May 28.

SHINee | SM Entertainment

While, at first, the event underwent some struggles—as fans expressed disappointment with the initial venue—”Everyday is SHINee DAY : [Piece of SHINE]” ended up being an unforgettable night for Shawols.

SHINee Fans Demand Better From SM Entertainment Following Disappointing Fan Meeting Venue

And amid the flood of pictures and videos from the fan meeting, some have gone viral online and gained unexpected attention:

SHINee’s Taemin surrounded by Shawols. | @amaivtm/Twitter

These captured Shawols interacting with SHINee members throughout the event—or, to be exact, not interacting.

Shawols shocked me YET AGAIN. Reasons:

1. Shawols LOVE singing and are super good at it. Shawols sing EVERY CHANCE there is.
2. Shawols never, EVER touch SHINee members. In fact, it’s SHINee members who initiate all contact first. (Talking about a certain Mr. Choi…) I think this helps SHINee members trust Shawols even more. That’s how the members can get so close to the fans with minimal guards.
3. Shawols are A+ rule followers.

— @pongdang0525/Twitter

One tweet explained that Shawols “followed all the safety rules and kept [their] distances” in order to prevent dangerous situations from happening.

This encore showed how much SHINee members trust Shawols. This path on the second floor was narrow—barely enough for one person to fit through. And it’s not like there was a moving board installed. Yet, the members were able to walk up and down this area without any hesitation.

Shawols were extra cautious; We didn’t want anyone to get hurt. So we followed all the safety rules and kept our distances as we watched on. I’ll remember this moment for a long time… It was SHINY indeed.

— @TAEMRIUS/Twitter

Shawols celebrated one another for being incredible at maintaining peace, not touching or mobbing, and letting the fan meeting be a moment for all to remember!

I love the close-but-respectful relationship that SHINee members share with Shawols. And this fan meeting reminded me of its importance once again. You’d think that fans would want to touch the members, having them so up close and within reach. But no one is putting their hand forward or pushing or attempting to get closer. Shawols kept their distances and, instead, smiled at the members and waved at them.

— @vvSHINeevv/Twitter

As these pictures and videos went around the internet and inspired K-Pop fans worldwide…

SHINee fans at the fan meeting. | theqoo

The pit kept complete peace, too. No one was pushing. We all stood in our exact spots, put our bags down, and maintained it until the end of the event.

— Shawol on theqoo

…online communities praised Shawols for setting good examples for other fandoms to follow—more so as in-person fan meetings and other events become popular against post-pandemic.

| theqoo
  • “I learned for the first time how peaceful it is to not have fans screaming individual member names in the background…”
  • “Shawols are angels, WBK.”
  • “Wow… This is goals. I wish the fandom I’m in could pull off something like this. It’s such an inspiration. So ideal.”
  • “I have so much ENVY for this kind of vibe.”
  • “ANGELS.”
| theqoo
  • “This is incredible.”
  • “Wow! SHINee fans are so well-mannered! This is great. Artists should, for sure, be treated like quokkas. NO TOUCHING! Fans need to keep earning that trust by showing such absolute respect and impeccable behavior. Haha.”
  • “SHINee fans have been like this forever. Haha. I also love that Shawols don’t shout things from the audience.”
  • “Of course, Shawols pull this again! You all are amazing!”
  • “Both SHINee and SHINee fans are so cool.”
Source: ISPlus and theqoo