SHINee’s Key Reveals His True Feelings About Sending Taemin Off To The Army

His touching words will make you cry.

SHINee‘s Taemin will soon be enlisting in the army on May 31, 2021. With the eternal maknae finally heading off for mandatory service, the entire fandom is in shambles. Nothing can be compared to how his hyungs feel though!

Key revealed his thoughts on sending his baby off to the army, on a recent episode of I Live Alone.

I’m not someone that cares for others, but that child makes me want to take care of him. I’ve known Taemin since 2005, and to think that someone that has always been by my side is leaving for the army…

— Key

Key revealed that he wanted to cook specially for Taemin before sending him off to the army.

To think that our maknae is heading off to the army, of course I don’t feel at peace. When I went to the army, three of the members enlisted together. He’s going to the army alone. That hurt my heart a lot. For me, just knowing that there were other members doing exactly as I was, somewhere out there, gave me lots of reassurance. But thinking that Taemin will not have such a thing to rely on, is something that worries me.

— Key

Three of SHINee’s older members, Key, Onew and Minho enlisted at similar timings, while Taemin only enlisted after the three had been discharged. While sending Taemin off may be a hard task for both fans and SHINee, we believe that he will be doing his best to serve the nation! (6v6) Check out the confession below.

Source: theqoo