SHINee’s Key Shares His “Ending Fairy” With His Backup Dancer, Noze

We’ve never seen any other idol do this.

The “ending fairy” pose has become somewhat of a sacred entity for fans and idols alike. It is a precious few seconds that you can get all to yourself, especially if you’re in a group! The ending scene is usually decided upon pre-recording and idols would prepare to look their best (or funniest!) for the cut.

In a move that’s unprecedented, SHINee‘s Key generously pulled his backup dancer, Noze, in to share the “ending fairy” pose. While he’s certainly had his fair share of “ending fairy” scenes during his 10 years as a singer, no one expected him to share the “ending fairy” with a dancer!

Of course, Noze is famous in her own right. Her following has grown tremendously ever since her appearance in Street Woman Fighter and her value has shot up insanely as well. Key decided to pull her in as it was his last week of promotions and she had worked equally as hard on the show. The two danced to her iconic “Hey Mama” choreography together.

Afterwards, Noze made sure to thank Key on her Instagram.

Kibum oppa, you’ve worked hard up to the last performance. “Bad Love” is the best, Key is the best!”

— Noze

We’re loving how supportive the two are of each other! Key previously did the “Bad Love” challenge with the help of Noze and Emma as well.

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