Idol-Turned-Actor Kim Dong Wan Shares A Picture of His Long-Time “Sasaeng” Fan… And Begs Her To Stop

“If you know this person, please convince her to stop…”

On May 23, 2020, first-generation K-Pop group SHINHWA’s member and actor Kim Dong Wan‘s official Instagram account @kimdongwan_official shared a cut-off picture of a woman…

Kim Dong Wan

… and claimed that she has been a long-time sasaeng fan of Kim Dong Wan.

Shared by @kimdongwan_official

The post explained, “This rule of thumb has been announced several times but it continues to fail being followed.”

Hi, this is Office DH. This rule of thumb has been announced several times but it continues to fail being followed — So here we go again. Since last summer, this person has been showing up at Kim Dong Wan’s house. We’ve tried everything: We tried sitting her down and talking to her about the issue. We tried taking her up with the police. For a while, she didn’t show up. But today, she showed up in front of Kim Dong Wan’s door. She apparently climbed over the fences…

— Office DH

The agency begged the sasaeng‘s family and friends to “stop her from repeating her mistake.”

Until now, she stood outside the fences. But today, she climbed over and entered private premises. This is breaking and entering for sure. If you know this person, who has continuously harassed Kim Dong Wan, please convince her to stop so she doesn’t do this again. Kim Dong Wan’s house is entirely his personal space, to be protected from the outside world. It is a place where he can recharge without being interrupted by others. So please. Do not go visit him at his house. Thank you.

— Office DH

Kim Dong Wan used to live in a villa in the affluent neighborhood of Pyeongchang-dong in Seoul. This place was once featured in an episode of I Live Alone.

Kim Dong Wan’s Previous Villa

He revealed on a radio program in 2018, though, that he “wanted to get away from the city” and moved to Gapyeong County, in Gyeonggi Province outside Seoul.

Kim Dong Wan’s New House Shown on “Eat Out” 

In one of his Facebook videos shared with his fans, the outside of his new place is shown. Kim Dong Wan’s fans believe the said “fence” to be the one captured in the background here:

Kim Dong Wan’s Facebook 

Korean netizens are shocked that the sasaeng followed him all the way to Gapyeong County — and voiced their concerns over the Korean law enforcements “not taking stalking as a serious crime.”

Source: Korea Daily and THEQOO

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