Singer Minty Sued For Stealing A Boy Group’s Leather Jacket From Their Practice Room

Her crime was captured on CCTV.

According to Newsen, singer, Minty was sued by her agency, CORONA X Entertainment for stealing AboutU‘s leather jacket from their practice room.

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Ahead of AboutU’s activities earlier this year, Minty took on the role of the boy group’s stylist, but she was soon swapped out after the first broadcast.

It’s been reported that Minty was captured entering the company’s practice room without advance notice and leaving while wearing one of the leather jackets that the members wore during their debut by a CCTV camera.

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Regarding the incident, Newsen reported.

At first, Minty denied the entire incident, but when we showed her the CCTV footage, she insisted that it was a sponsorship rental. But the agency expressed that after finding the receipts and trying to come to a settlement, no action was taken for 5 months, so we had no choice but to file a lawsuit.

– Newsen

Ahead of this report a person related to the agency explained,

Last February, Minty was captured putting on an item that the group AboutU wore, putting a padded jacket on top, and leaving by a CCTV camera. When we called Minty telling her the item went missing, she claimed she took it for a sponsorship. But when we checked the receipts afterward, it wasn’t a sponsorship.

– CORONA X Entertainment

The agency also added,

At the time Minty took the jacket, AboutU’s former member, Victor Han was also captured leaving the practice room with a box. It was difficult to confirm that he knew about Minty leaving with the jacket, so he has been added as a testifier in the lawsuit.

– CORONA X Entertainment

Minty became famous through her audition clip in Mnet‘s High School Rapper 2 and stirred up controversy for lying about her age by 10 years.

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She’s currently a 27-year-old singer under the label, CORONA X Entertainment.

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