Singer Nam Taehyun Speaks Out About His Recent DUI Incident

One public apology at a time.

Recently, singer Nam Taehyun was caught driving under the influence.


The news reported that he collided with the side mirror of a taxi passing while opening his car door drunk. His agency Noname Music clarified that this accident happened when he “moved his car about 5 meters to re-park it because it was blocking his acquaintances’ cars” and that he did not drive for 20 meters like some news reports had stated.


In response to this incident, Nam Haehyun deleted his previous apology for his drug and abuse allegations, and posted a public apology expressing his shame and regret about his DUI incident.

Hello, I’m Nam Taehyun.
Before I begin, I bow my head and apologize for causing concerns about my mistake. There is no excuse for this mistake caused by my rash judgment, and I am very ashamed. I am being reprimanded for my wrongdoing in this matter. I will self-reflect, repent, and repent. I will deeply reflect on myself to prevent this from happening again in the future. I’m sorry.


Source: @souththth/Instagram
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