Netizens Believe That One “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Is The Luckiest After Finding Not One, But Two Relationships On The Show

From being unlucky in love, she left the island with two men by her side…

Single’s Inferno 2 finally came to an end, but netizens loved watching Korean singletons trying to find love. While many found love or a connection straight away, one person who didn’t always have the easiest times on the show was Lee So E.

Lee So E | Netflix

On the surface, So E should’ve had the easiest time finding love with her visuals, charm, and innocence.

| @e._.soi/Instagram
| @e._.soi/Instagram

Despite her visuals and charming personality, So E had one of the toughest journeys on the show. While Lee So E’s luck might not have started great, many believe she ended the series as one of the luckiest contestants in the series.

Although her journey wasn’t easy, after having to forget her feelings towards Jo Yoong Jae, things looked up after the arrival of Kim Se Jun. From the very beginning, he always had feelings for So E and wasn’t afraid to hide them.

Contestant Kim Se Jun | Netflix

Throughout the episodes, he made sure to showcase his feelings for So E, whether it was in the small gestures or how he spoke about her to the other contestants.

| Netflix
| Netflix 

Yet, alongside Se Jun, she had another man in her corner: Kim Han Bin. While many people were shocked when So E picked Han Bin to go to “Paradise” with her instead of Se Jun, it wasn’t for romantic feelings.

Kim Han Bin after being chosen by So E | Netflix 

So E was always close with Han Bin and their time in “Paradise” allowed So E to try and come to terms with her feelings. At the same time, Han Bin was there to give advice and have a good time with his bestie.

| Netflix

Even in the episodes themselves, So E and Han Bin had such a great friendship and seemed comfortable around each other.

In particular, the final episode showcased how lucky So E was.

When Han Bin was going to the woman he chose, he made sure to speak to So E. Yet, rather than a form of rejection from either contestant, it was a moment where the duo showcased their firm friendship. From the minute they held each other’s hands…

| Netflix    

To the moment they wished each other well, it was proof that So E and Han Bin had created a friendship for life.

| Netflix

The support and advice from Han Bin throughout allowed So E to give love another chance, and eventually, she found her “Prince Charming” with Se Jun.

| Netflix

When the series ended, netizens couldn’t get enough of the fact that So E ended up with two of the best men on the island, one as a partner and the other as a best friend. Se Jun and Han Bin were always fan favorites, and she deserved all the attention and care that they gave her.

It shows that although Single’s Inferno 2 was made to find true love, the contestants found more than that, including friends for life. Hopefully, So E’s relationship with Se Jun and Han Bin will stand the test of time and last a lifetime.

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