“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Calls Out Shin Dong Woo For Tricking Her During The Show

He responded calmly to Nadine’s “accusations!”

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Single’s Inferno 2 finally came to an end after weeks of following singletons on their search for love. With the series finally over, the contestants recently looked back at some of the scenes and had the best reactions.

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One person who always gained attention throughout the show was Harvard student Lee Nadine.

“Single’s Inferno” Lee Nadine | Netflix

Although she didn’t find true love in the end, netizens had high hopes at the start of the series when Shin Dong Woo shared how interested he was in Nadine. While walking to the kitchen area, Dong Woo revealed how pretty how thought she was.

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Dong Woo even revealed that when he saw Nadine, he suddenly wanted to take care of her.

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In the end, although they both went to “Paradise” together, it didn’t seem to be a happy ending, and they quickly went their separate ways. Yet, it seems like Nadine still has some views on Dong Woo’s comments during their first few days on the island.

After the season finale of the show, Netflix released the first part of a special video where the contestants reacted to some of the scenes.

In particular, when watching the scenes between the two, while Nadine seemed calm, Lee So E seemed to get quite excited by seeing the interaction. Shin Seul Ki thought Nadine was “cool” for sharing her honest feelings.

Even the male contestants couldn’t stop praising the interaction, while Dong Woo didn’t realize that it was like that.

The funniest moment came when Dong Woo said to Nadine on the island, “We’ll be able to talk more in Paradise, right?” As the clip was playing, Nadine hilariously exclaimed, “He tricked me here.”

When Dong Woo found out what Nadine had said, he suddenly seemed very flustered. After the other male contestants called him out, saying he flirted too much, Dong Woo just apologized.

I’d only known her for a few days. We were still getting to know each other, so I had to stay open to all possibilities.

— Shin Dong Woo

When the clip was shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over how honest Nadine was when watching the clip. While many thought they’d be perfect together, Dong Woo’s feelings were quick to change.

Although Nadine called out Dong Woo for “Tricking her,” it seems like they have forgotten about it and moved forward as friends. In recent pictures and videos, not only were the pair spotted at a club together, but they also met up with series one contestant Kim Jun Sik.

It makes sense, particularly since they are both in the same field. While Nadine is still studying at Harvard, she wants to go into plastic surgery, which is the field that Dong Woo currently works in.

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Of course, on the island, everything seems different, but it was bold and badass of Nadine to call out Dong Woo for his comments on the island. While he said he wanted to talk more with her more, his attention quickly moved to Seul Ki.

You can read more about Nadine and Dong Woo’s friendship below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Nadine Is Spotted With A Male Contestant Following The Show Ending

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