Here’s The Answer To If The “Single’s Inferno” Cast Really Slept On The Island Or Not

Did you expect this answer?

Let’s be honest. We all have the bias that reality shows are scripted. Take Idol School for example. Contestant Jessica Iseul once shared in her exposé that although the broadcast showed the girls to be sleeping in these army-like sleeping areas…

…the girls really just slept in normal dormitory bedrooms after filming concluded for the day! So fans were very curious as to whether or not the contestants for Single’s Inferno truly had to live on the “Hell Island” and its camping grounds.

The contestants slept on mattresses in tents and had an outdoor kitchen. They also only could go to get ice from a “cooling spot” and did not have easy access to cold drinks in the blazing summer weather.

While most would’ve suspected that the contestants would have been transported to nearby lodgings after filming concluded, Kim Hyun Joong shared that the show was 100% real.

This is something I’ve been asked a lot. There’s no script and we really did have to live and sleep in the Hell Island! Everyone had a hard time and worked hard.

— Kim Hyun Joong

Given that Song Ji A also confirmed that there was no script, we suppose viewers can rest assured that the show is totally honest!

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