“Single’s Inferno”‘s Kim Hyun Joong Retaliates Against The Backlash By Explaining His Decision To Unfollow Ji A

He put the rumors to rest, once and for all.

Like the rest of his cast members, Single’s Inferno‘s contestant Kim Hyun Joong rose to overnight stardom following his appearance on the Netflix dating series. His handsome visuals, fit physique, and “puppy” image captivated viewers all over the globe.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant, Kim Hyun Joong | Netflix

Following the conclusion of the program, fans of the show began to wonder about the status of the Single’s Inferno bachelor and Ji A‘s relationship. After a bit of digging, it didn’t take long for detective netizens to realize the two had remained friends.

However, as Ji A navigates through her recent knock-off controversy, the same detective netizens discovered that Kim Hyun Joong unfollowed his former island flame on Instagram—which tangled him into a sea of malicious comments and intense backlash.

Kim Hyun Joong following the rest of his “Single’s Inferno” contestants minus Ji A | @_1126.1/Instagram

While nobody knew the real reason behind his sudden decision to unfollow his former flame on Instagram, rumors began to circulate that Kim Hyun Joong decided to “cut his losses” as Ji A continues to receive backlash for her controversy. He began to receive endless malicious comments for his decision—and the reality star decided that enough was enough.

The personal trainer retaliated against all of the hate comments by participating in an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper to discuss the real reason why he chose to unfollow his previous Single’s Inferno partner.

Kim Hyun Joong with Song Ji A | Netflix

Kim Hyun Joong vehemently denied that he unfollowed Ji A to “cut his losses” as quickly as he could in the midst of her ongoing controversy.

We have remained on friendly terms and even in the middle of the airing of the show, we contacted each other here and there. Why would I have any reason to ‘cut my losses?’

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

The model and fitness enthusiast continued with his interview by admitting that he can’t “share too many details” about Ji A and his relationship because of the show’s rules. Kim Hyun Joong did take a moment to share, however, that he does not have any ill feelings towards his former island partner—despite what everyone has been saying.

Due to the program’s rules and other various reasons, I’m not in a position to share too many details about the personal conversations that I had with Ji A. However, I do want to say that we have no ill feelings towards one another.

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

Kim Hyun Joong modeling for AAVEC | @_1126.1/Instagram

It was here that the Single’s Inferno contestant revealed the exact reason why he decided to unfollow Ji A on Instagram, all while sharing that he “had no idea that there was a controversy at the time” of his decision.

There had been a lot of attention [on us] and Ji A also wasn’t following me. I didn’t want unnecessary rumors to start circulating so that’s why I decided to unfollow her too. There were no other reasons. Honestly, I had no idea that there was a controversy at the time.

Because of the ongoing situation, I had an even harder time reaching out to her. Even right now, in this moment as I talk about it, it’s really hard. However, what I can say is that the Ji A I got to know is a kind and bright friend who works extremely hard.

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

During his time with Maeil Business Newspaper, Kim Hyun Joong got an opportunity to speak about the backlash he received following his appearance on the hit Netflix series. He admitted that he “shed some tears” because of the misunderstandings that were taken out of context.

I knew going in that there would be many [heavily edited] scenes that could create a specific opinion and misunderstanding about me, but I did not expect such severe malicious comments.

During filming, I dislocated my shoulder and was struggling with other bad health issues overall. Because of those reasons, some of my facial expressions and statements that I said were taken out of context, which is a shame. I shed some tears because of it.

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

| @_1126.1/Instagram

He concluded his interview with the newspaper company by sharing a quick, but important reminder to viewers and netizens about their one-sided perspectives.

Everyone has pros and cons and everyone has areas they fall short in, but I hope that people wouldn’t hate us too much. I wish people would stop hating others after judging them from their one-sided viewpoints.

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

| @_1126.1/Instagram

Following his appearance on Single’s Inferno, Kim Hyun Joong has continued to remain busy with his various jobs as a model, personal trainer, and CEO of Mood Gym. As his popularity and fame continue to rise, Single’s Inferno fans can’t wait to see what’s next in store for their favorite fit “puppy.”

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