“Single’s Inferno” Kim Hyun Joong Shuts Down Rumors About Himself 

He’s setting the record straight.

Kim Hyun Joong is the latest Single’s Inferno star to fend off criticism and rumors.

Kim Hyun Joong | @_1126.1/Instagram

Kim Hyun Joong ended his time on Netflix‘s dating reality show by walking into the sunset with Song Ji A, who is now receiving backlash for wearing knock-off designer goods.

Song Ji A and Kim Hyun Joong | Netflix

In the midst of this, Hyun Joong was accused of unfollowing Ji A on Instagram because of her controversy.


Hyun Joong has since shut down rumors about the reason for this decision by explaining why he chose to unfollow Ji A.

There have been a lot of attention [on us] and Ji A also wasn’t following me. I didn’t want unnecessary rumors to start circulating so that’s why I decided to unfollow her too. There were no other reasons. Honestly, I had no idea that there was a controversy at the time.

Because of the ongoing situation, I had an even harder time reaching out to her. Even right now, in this moment as I talk about it, it’s really hard. However, what I can say is that the Ji A I got to know is

— Kim Hyun Joong for “Maeil Business Newspaper”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only rumor Hyun Joong has had to address since appearing on Single’s Inferno.

In addition to shutting down rumors about his relationship with Ji A, Hyun Joong has also set the record straight about his physique. Although all the Single’s Inferno stars are athletic, Hyun Joong has been accused of using steroids.

In an Instagram Q&A, Hyun Joong denied using steroids to enhance his body. It’s all-natural.

I have never used it. I have been exercising for 11 years.

Before I used to be even bigger [muscle-wise], but due to congenital kidney function issues, I have been maintaining my slimness.

— Kim Hyun Joong

It is his hope that people will keep an open mind, and “stop hating others.”

Everyone has pros and cons and everyone has areas they fall short in, but I hope that people wouldn’t hate us too much. I wish people would stop hating others after judging them from their one-sided viewpoints.

— Kim Hyun Joong

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