“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Hyun Joong Firmly Denies Ever Using Steroids

His fit physique was questioned by curious fans.

The intense drama and the romantic love-lines between the contestants of Single’s Inferno became two of the biggest reasons why the show shot to such popularity. But let’s be real, there was another reason why millions of viewers tuned into the dating reality series—and it’s because of the contestants’ insanely ripped physiques.

“Single’s Inferno” poster featuring different fit physiques.

The hit Netflix program took place on an unknown island, which meant that both the male and female contestants were constantly shown in swimsuits—putting their perfectly sculpted bodies on display for the whole world to see.

“Single’s Inferno” contestants in bathing suits | Netflix

In particular, it was contestant Kim Hyun Joong who captivated viewers with his chiseled abs and arms. Despite all of the exercise scenes shown on Single’s Inferno and his occupation as a personal trainer, however, it seems that there were some netizens who were curious about the contestant’s physique—and this was showcased in Kim Hyun Joong’s most recent Instagram Q&A.

Contestant Kim Hyun Joong | @__1126.1/Instagram

The fitness enthusiast recently conducted a Q&A session for all of his Instagram followers, where he told his fans to “ask him anything”—and that’s what they did. When a follower asked about his blood type and height, the handsome reality star honestly answered, stating that his “blood type is A and [his] height is 182 cm (5’9 ft).” 

| @__1126.1/Instagram

It was the following question, however, that has started to make headlines. Due to his perfectly chiseled body, Kim Hyun Joong was asked if he ever used steroids to help him achieve his results. Without hesitation, the Single’s Inferno contestant responded with a firm denial, while explaining his fitness journey.

I have never used it. I have been exercising for 11 years.

— Kim Hyun Joong

| @__1126.1/Instagram

The model and personal trainer continued by getting vulnerable for his Q&A session, as he shared the personal reason why he has been keeping his “slimness” in check.

Before I used to be even bigger [muscle-wise], but due to congenital kidney function issues, I have been maintaining my slimness.

— Kim Hyun Joong

| __1126.1/Instagram

Along with the other contestants, Kim Hyun Joong skyrocketed in popularity after his appearance on Single’s Inferno. With his handsome visuals and puppy-like personality, it didn’t take long for viewers to fall in love with him. However, Kim Hyun Joong recently began to receive major backlash for supposedly unfollowing his former partner and fellow contestant, Ji A due to her controversy—which he vehemently denied in an interview.

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