“Single’s Inferno” Se Hoon Spills On The “Evil Editing” On The Show And The Hate He Received Because Of It

“It almost killed me…”

Netflix‘s show Single’s Inferno took over the world when it started airing at the end of last year. Viewers worldwide couldn’t get enough of the Korean reality show that tried to help attractive contestants fall in love. Yet, it also came under scrutiny for several reasons from netizens.

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One of the biggest issues on the show was concerning contestant Moon Se Hoon and his alleged “Creepy behavior” towards Shin Ji Yeon. The duo had a huge rollercoaster journey throughout the series as they started off with what seemed like a good connection.

When Ji Yeon then seemed to cool off on Se Hoon, Se Hoon gained a lot of criticism for his apparent “obsessive” behavior as he kept trying to pursue Ji Yeon to the point where viewers felt uncomfortable.

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Yet, in the final episodes, the two seemed to get closer again as they were honest about their feelings and found that they had more in common than expected.

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As the show continued and eventually came to an end, the public’s perception of Se Hoon changed, and many found themselves rooting for someone they thought had been subjected to the “evil-editing” seen in reality shows.

In a recent interview, Se Hoon sat down and discussed all of this and how the way he was represented on the show led to him gaining hate from netizens worldwide.

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In particular, at the start of the interview, he shared the vast amount of hate he received from viewers worldwide because of the way he was portrayed in the show, even explaining that they would privately DM him with harsh words.

I’ve received a lot of criticisms via DM. They would say,’ Open your eyes.’ Like, ‘I’m going to punch your face and smash your glasses.’ There were a lot of people that didn’t like me.

— Se Hoon

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In particular, they shared their thoughts on Se Hoon apparently making a “fuss” over someone who didn’t like him, which became a lot for him, especially during the first four episodes.

A lot of people criticized me on their actual accounts, so I had a hard time. It nearly killed me up to episode four.

— Se Hoon

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It even got to the point where Se Hoon says he learned English through all of these hateful comments. When he watched the show and read the comments, it made him doubt whether he made the right decision to pick Ji Yeon.

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He then pointed out that some scenes were filmed in certain ways, which made him look worse than he was. Throughout the series, there was a focus on Se Hoon’s facial expressions and how it showcased disgust, jealousy, and other traits netizens found “toxic.”

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As the show is finished, Se Hoon was not afraid to share that he thought the staff on the show contributed to this hate he received, especially through their editing. Even though he acknowledged his expressions, the way he was portrayed made them worse.

But the staff are to blame a little on their part. (The editing is a bit)… They just used it as it is. The insanity could be seen on the face and because of what happened before, it’s very provocative.

— Se Hoon

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Even Se Hoon explained that he looked “psychotic” and even understood why some netizens might feel certain ways towards him when watching the show himself.

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From the start of the series, Se Hoon got a lot of hate and criticism from netizens.

Luckily, as the series went on, many started to root for him. After the show ended, it seems like viewers just want the best for him, and many are even hoping that he is still with Ji Yeon, especially after his romantic side was shown in the same interview.

| 고몽/ YouTube
| 고몽/ YouTube

Although it seemed like Se Hoon confirmed the two were together. Hopefully, netizens will get good news soon. After the rollercoaster journey that Se Hoon and Ji Yeon had, it would be nice to have a happy ending.

You can read more from the interview below.

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