“Single’s Inferno” Season 3 Kim Gyu Ri Personally Addresses Her Attitude Controversy On The Show

She was criticized for being rude.

Single’s Inferno 3 just ended, and the finale brought about mixed reactions from viewers. A contestant, Kim Gyu Ri, received much criticism for her shocking words regarding the love triangle she was in. Netizens did not take her words lightly. During an interview about her feelings of rejection after another contestant Min Woo confessed that he was leaning towards Si Eun, she stated “even if you give him to me, I won’t take him.” Netizens were upset at her objectification of Min Woo, as well as her rude tone. Later, she stirred the pot even more by denying Si Eun’s request to pull Min Woo for a chat. The shocking scene can be seen below.

After the finale, on January 11, 2023, Gyu Ri took to Instagram to address the conflict and the criticism. She first thanked the viewers and the production team for giving her a wondrous experience on the show. Then, she explained that she had been under the weather, and was overcome with emotions. She has already apologized to Min Woo and Si Eun.

Lastly, as we wrap up season 3, I apologize to the many viewers who were upset because of me. In that particular scene and in the interview, there were many parts where my words were rather careless in expressing how I felt. I am deeply regretful and have reflected on my words, both then, and after the broadcast. I was fraught with many different emotions that I was experiencing for the first time and was also reaching extreme limits in terms of my physical health. I was also disappointed in myself for saying something I didn’t mean. As all of these became convoluted, I was unable to maturely control my emotions.

I have already sincerely apologized to the relevant parties at that time, and also after the broadcast, by contacting them personally. Thankfully, they ended up being worried for me instead and recognized how I felt. But no matter how Si Eun and Min Woo felt and no matter how they accepted it, it was a careless mistake on my part, without any excuses. Also, regardless of how I truly felt, I deeply apologize again to the many fans who treasured Si Eun and Min Woo, and to the viewers who have loved Single’s Inferno, for upsetting you with how I appeared on the show. I will look back on myself and deeply reflect on myself using this matter, and grow to become a better person, taking this opportunity to make the effort until I become a more mature person.

— Gyu Ri

She ended by thanking everyone for their support and advice, noting that she was able to learn a lot from the experience.

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