“Single’s Inferno” An Yea Won Spills On How She Really Felt About Only Being Chosen Once To Go To Paradise


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After the success of Netflix’s Squid Game, fans have become obsessed with Korean shows. The most recent show gaining attention worldwide is Single’s Inferno. 

With the show’s rising popularity, the contestants have seen their fame sky-rocket, and they have received love worldwide from viewers. One person who captured the heart of viewers, despite her lack of screen time, was An Yea Won.

“Single’s Inferno” An Yea Won | @yeah.w__/ Instagram

From her adorable relationship with Kim Jun Sik

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To her blossoming romance with Cha Hyun Seung

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And just being an actual happy virus, An Yea Won deserved more from her experience and was definitely underrated AF.

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In particular, netizens didn’t understand that despite her bubbly personality and dazzling visuals, she only went to Heaven, which was the glamorous hotel, once with Kim Jun Sik… and it seems as if that fact didn’t go unnoticed by Yea Won.

Yea Won recently posted a video with fellow contestant Hyun Seung talking about everything that happened on the show, including why he didn’t pick her.

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Yet, she also answered some fan questions by herself. As well as spilling the tea on whether she is still dating Jun Sik, she shared her feelings about her lack of screen time and the attention she received from the male contestants.

In particular, one viewer asked how she felt that she didn’t get to go to “Heaven” as often as the other contestants.

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Yea Won explained that as soon as she left the island and the show started airing, she saw so many positive comments from fans. Yet, she surprised viewers by explaining that she didn’t really mind not going there.

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In fact, she explained that she actually preferred being on the island.

I also liked it a lot in heaven island too, it was really nice. But then, instead of there just being two of us with that heavy atmosphere, I preferred the life in hell island more because it was more comfortable.

— Yea Won

| An YeaWon/ YouTube 

She then explained that she didn’t have any regrets about her time on the show because of this.

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In the video, she was also asked how she felt not being picked by the hunky, viral backing dancer Hyun Seung. Once again, Yea Won proved how positive her personality was as she remained optimistic about everything.

I was perfectly getting used to the hell island. I didn’t expect much because I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, but I was just being playful me.

— Yea Won

| An YeaWon/ YouTube 

Considering how sweet she was throughout the video, it isn’t surprising that everyone has been on Hyun Seung’s back about not picking her, including BTOB‘s Peniel!

| An YeaWon/ YouTube

Hopefully, Yea Won will have her happy ending soon and whoever dates her in the future will definitely be extremely lucky. You can read more from that video below.

“Single’s Inferno” Hyun Seung Spills On Why He Didn’t Choose An Yea Won, And Even BTOB’s Peniel Doesn’t Understand

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