SM Entertainment Releases Statement On Red Velvet Wendy’s Condition And Future Plans

Finally, some good news.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy was involved in an accident last year that broke the hearts of many fans. Eight months later, she is finally ready to appear in front of fans again.

Last night, with the release of her teaser image for BoA‘s 20th Anniversary cover project by SM Entertainment, Wendy set social media ablaze. Fans trended multiple hashtags for the lovely singer and she began trending on real time, as everybody wondered if it meant she was back on scene.

| SM Entertainment

This morning, we have our answer. On the 19th of August, SM Entertainment reportedly told media outlets, including TV Daily, that Wendy has recovered plenty and would be participating in future activities.

Their short but succinct statement reads,

Wendy’s status is that she is now currently in a condition that has recovered a lot. We plan for her to be participating in Red Velvet’s activities, within a capacity that does not strain her.

— SM Entertainment

| SM Entertainment

Since her accident in December 2019, Wendy has been focusing on her own recovery and recuperation. It was previously reported that the girls of Red Velvet would stop in to take care of her and her parents had also come to Korea to be with her.

In other news, Wendy had also donated ₩100 million KRW ($84,416 USD) to victims of the coronavirus in February, proving her kind heart.


Source: TV Daily

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