SM Rookies’ Shohei And Eunseok Gain Praise For Their Visuals At New York Fashion Week

They made an impressive runway debut!

SM Rookies‘s Shohei and Eunseok have made their runway debut alongside NCT‘s Jeno, and fans can’t help but praise them for their model-like visuals.

Eunseok and Shohei | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Along with fellow trainee Seunghan, Shohei and Eunseok were announced as the newest SM Rookies in July of this year, prompting much speculation about their future debut.

Considering that SM Entertainment is reportedly planning the debut of two new NCT units (NCT Tokyo and NCT Hollywood), fans have been strongly suspecting that the three SM Rookies will be debuting as one of them. After all, they recently performed alongside NCT’s Sungchan and Shotaro at the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts, suggesting that they might form NCT Tokyo together.

(From left to right) Sungchan, Seunghan, Shotaro, Shohei, and Eunseok

Since then, fans have found several more pieces of “evidence” supporting this, including NCT leader Taeyong‘s “angry” reaction to finding out that the SM Rookies weren’t part of the final collective performance at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, and Doyoung and Jungwoo‘s apparent “confirmation” that they were joining NCT in THE NCT SHOW.

Suspicions have far from died down; in fact, NCTzens are now taking it as a given that the SM Rookies will be NCT members, as evidenced by their embrace of Shohei and Eunseok at New York Fashion Week.

But while it has not yet been confirmed where they will debut, they are already garnering plenty of praise for their achievements! They not only gained praise for their immense talent at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, but now they are also doing so for their runway debut!

Shohei and Eunseok had already received plenty of praise for their unique visuals since their announcement, but their modelling debut now definitely has everyone paying attention.

In fact, some fans even hilariously noted the effortlessly charming “Keanu Reeves” vibes that Shohei served…

…while others found it amusing that we’ve already seen “so much” of him despite the fact he hasn’t debuted yet.

Considering how much the SM Rookies are already impressing everyone, their upcoming debut is becoming even more exciting!

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