Somi Opened Up About Her First Win And Revealed Why It Was So Special To Her

It was incredibly meaningful for her:

Earlier this month, Somi took home her first-ever music show trophy as a soloist with her latest hit “What You Waiting For”. Her reaction at the time of the win was definitely already enough to show how special the win was for her but in a recent interview with Elle, Somi revealed what made it even more meaningful for her.

Diving into topics ranging from her favorite color to the turning point of her career, Somi was asked how she felt about her first win.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

The moment she heard the question, Somi immediately shared her happiness as she excitedly exclaimed, “I got my first win for my new single ‘What You Waiting For’. Yay!

While any music show win is definitely reason enough to be excited, Somi shared that this particular win was even sweeter not only because it was her very first win as a solo artist but also because it felt like a reward for all the hard work she put into her comeback.

It’s my first win ever since I started my solo career so I felt like I was being rewarded for my hard work.

— Somi

And having spent so much time preparing the perfect comeback, it felt even more special to her. She explained, “It was more special for me because I spent a long time preparing for this song. I’ll take this as a stepping stone for me to work harder to win again.

Somi’s first win truly was special for her in more ways than one! Hear Somi open up about her first win and more in the video below: