Actress Song Da Eun From “Heart Signal 2” Allegedly Had A Big Role In The “Burning Sun Scandal”

“This is why actresses are terrifying.”

The YouTube channel, Garo Sero Institute is well-known for its controversial news topics that almost always makes headlines. Their most recent allegations are targeted towards actress Song Da Eun from Heart Signal 2 fame and this time is no different. One of the YouTube channel’s hosts Kim Yong Ho has dropped a shocking development regarding the actress and her alleged role in The Burning Sun Scandal.

Actress Song Da Eun | Ian Ent

Song Da Eun, who has been acting since 2014, shot to fame after appearing on the dating reality program Heart Signal 2. The show, which follows 4 women and 4 men living together in one house for 30 days, became an instant hit amongst viewers. The Heart Signal series eventually became the backbone of many other reality dating shows in South Korea, as different spin-offs made their debut following the series.

As each Heart Signal contestant went on to experience a surge of popularity following their appearance, Song Da Eun was no different. Following her appearance on the reality show, Song Da Eun received casting offers in different productions, which was an exponential increase prior to the show. While the positive attention has proved to be exciting for the actress, negative attention has also been brought forward and this time, it’s the Garo Sero Institute with their allegations.

Song Da Eun on “Heart Signal 2” | Channel A

The controversial YouTube channel recently made a video that alleges Song Da Eun’s supposed part in the massive Burning Sun scandal that rocked the nation back in 2019. While they do not provide any evidence, Kim Yong Ho starts off the video segment by sharing that “Seungri would always have many actresses near him at all time. Amongst the actresses, Song Da Eun was the most common one.” The former reporter continued by sharing he first met the actress on the set of a K-Drama.

I went to the filming set of ‘Can’t Live Without Losing’ and that’s where I first met Song Da Eun. She seemed like the nicest girl around.

— Kim Yong Ho

However, Kim Yong Ho continued that as he conversed with Song Da Eun more and more, the actress’s dark secrets began to pour out.

Former reporter, Kim Yong Ho talking about Song Da Eun | YouTube

The truth is, Song Da Eun-sshi was actually involved in a pretty big scandal. At a company outing, Song Da Eun-sshi personally asked me for my opinions so I helped her out.

— Kim Yong Ho

After their confession session, Kim Yong Ho commented that he had since forgot about Song Da Eun after their conversation. The former reporter shared, however, that he saw her on television when she appeared on Heart Signal 2 and was shocked by her appearance.

Still from “Garo Sero Institute” video | @YouTube

It was shocking to see her on ‘Heart Signal.’ She went on a temporary hiatus after causing the really big scandal but then out of nowhere, she appears on ‘Heart Signal’ with the kindest face.

— Kim Yong Ho

It was here that Kim Yong Ho alleged that Song Da Eun blatantly lied by denying all the ongoing rumors about her involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

After news about the Burning Sun Scandal broke, her relationship with Seungri and her former Monkey Museum (club run by Seungri) employment became known. However, she denied everything by saying, ‘oh we’re just friends. Even my acquaintances have become victims.’

This is why actresses are terrifying. They may not be good at acting in their dramas, but their acting abilities in real life situations are amazing.

— Kim Yong Ho

Seungri (left), Song Da Eun (right) | @da.eun.da.eun/Instagram

Back in 2019 when news of the Burning Sun Scandal first broke, Song Da Eun was suspected as one of the involved parties. Song Da Eun and Seungri boasted a close friendship, with the actress acknowledging that she’s “Known Seungri since she was a student,” which led to the circulating rumors. However, her agency Ian Ent quickly denied the allegations saying that “Song Da Eun had absolutely nothing to do with the Burning Sun incident.” 

Source: WikiTree