Song Hye Kyo Subjected To Ageist Comments For Her Appearance At “The Glory” Press Conference

Many commenters came in defense of the actress.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo attended the production conference for her upcoming Netflix drama The Glory. She is starring in the drama along with Lee Do Hyun. Though the anticipation around their on-screen chemistry is high, some pictures of the actress from the conference have drawn negative attention from netizens.

A popular Korean entertainment page on Instagram uploaded Song’s pictures from the event, calling her as beautiful as a “goddess.” She has been given the title of “goddess beauty” by audiences multiple times before. But this post, in particular, invited harsh criticism of the actress’s appearance.

Multiple commenters opposed calling her “goddess,” stating that her face now shows signs of aging.

  • “What goddess? It’s so obvious that she has aged.”
  • “Even Song Hye Kyo aged.”
  • “She has aged. None of us can escape time after all.”
  • “All the signs of aging are so clearly visible.”

Some comments pointed out that she didn’t look pretty because she wasn’t smiling and had a serious, pensive face. 

  • “Apart from aging, her face is without any hint of a smile…looks like there’s a shadow over here…it’s not pretty.”

But many users came to Song’s defense, arguing that aging is only normal and she is beautiful for carrying herself so gracefully instead of trying to force a youthful image.

  • “She is in her 40s. Isn’t it normal for aging to show on her face? She’s not a vampire or anything, lol. Instead of getting this and that procedure done to look younger and ending up with an unnatural face, she is much prettier like this.”
  • “Are you guys all immortals?…? Is it wrong to age???”

The vitriol against Song Hye Kyo has been incredibly intense since she and Song Joong Ki divorced. After the announcement of their separation, Song Hye Kyo was embroiled in rumors of extra-marital affairs, which were refuted strictly. Yet, some commenters unnecessarily brought up her ex-husband under this post.

  • “Song Joong Ki has definitely been faring better since the divorce. Not only in visuals but his acting skills, too…and he’s younger…Not sure what Song Hye Gyo has been doing since the divorce, hmm…”

Despite the ruthless picking apart of her appearance and private life, Song Hye Kyo is only flourishing in her career, leaving behind all prejudices of age and gender one highest wage record at a time.

The Glory

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