Actress Song Hye Kyo Makes A Transformation With Smoky Makeup And A Bold Crop Top

We’ve never seen this look on her before.

When you think of the actress Song Hye Kyo, you would be inclined to think of her classy and elegant image. She’s never been one for heavy makeup and flashy clothing. While fans occasionally get to see her in bold colors like poppy red…

…she mostly rocks a neutral palette of beiges and light pinks.

It’s no denying she’s a stunner. With her full head of hair, glowing porcelain skin and defined facial features, she can rock even the lightest of makeup.

It doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun though! For Bazaar‘s March spread, the versatile actress did a 180 with smokey eye makeup and a bold crop top. The look was one that fans had never seen on her before. Her slim waist was out on full view.

With her newly cropped hair in a shaggy layered cut and nude lips, she looked like the epitome of girl crush.

Fans were pleasantly surprised with the change in look. She looked every bit the high-flying career woman in her thirties! Here’s to more iconic looks from the star in the future.

Source: MK News