Fact Check: Did Soojin Hint At A (G)I-DLE Reunion During Her Comeback Live?

Fans have always remained hopeful.

In 2018, CUBE Entertainment debuted its first fourth-generation girl group, (G)I-DLE.

(G)I-DLE as six. | CUBE Entertainment

The group comprised six members until Soojin was embroiled in a bullying scandal that resulted in her departure from (G)I-DLE.  Soojin was ultimately cleared of the allegations and was thought to be living a non-celebrity life.

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However, in November 2023, Soojin returned to the music industry with her first solo album, Agassy. The music video for the title track hit over 1.7 million views in around eight hours, showing just how much interest her return has!

Soojin | BRD

Around the time of the release, Soojin did an Instagram live stream, greeting fans for the first time in a long time. Many were overjoyed to hear from the idol again.

During one part of her live, Soojin made a gesture that had fans going wild. As she said farewell, Soojin held up six fingers for a moment before continuing to say bye.

As (G)I-DLE debuted as six, and many continue to hope for Soojin to be active again with the group one day, some saw it as a possible hint at just that.

But was this a reference to the group?

As Soojin held up her fingers, the time hit 6 p.m., likely what she was referencing during the ending of her live stream, as seen at 0:17 in the clip below.

I’ll come back again! 6 PM! Please love Agassy a lot!

— Soojin

However, as seen from this understandable misunderstanding, many would love to see Soojin and (G)I-DLE together again! Fans once believed the group included the former member in a performance, which you can read about below.

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