SOPA Graduate Reveals What It Was Like Having NCT’s Haechan As A Classmate…And How She Ended Up Going Into A Haunted House With NCT’s Mark And Jeno

She’s the new y/n.

Choi Hyejeong must be the luckiest girl on earth – not only did she have stories to tell about BTS‘s Jungkook in school, she was also a classmate of NCT‘s Haechan! She revealed in a video interview, what Haechan was like as a friend!

Hyejeong shared that as they were in the same class, she would see him every day. Particularly in the mornings, he would often be sleeping on his desk with a neck pillow.

When he wasn’t sleeping, he would be listening to music on his phone.

On days she reached school early, they would go to the snack store on campus together. If the store was closed, Hyejeong shared that they would walk to the convenience store instead. Those mornings and trips for food were the main times they got close to each other as classmates.

During a school festival, she shared that there was a haunted house event. As the had to go in groups of four, she ended up in a situation that would make her the envy of all NCTzens!

Haechan was about to go in with his group mates, Jeno and Mark. However, he saw that she had been left alone and asked her to join them!

What a sweet gesture!

Who could resist going in with such handsome students?

Oh to be classmates with Haechan! It looks like School of Performing Arts (SOPA) is indeed the school to go to, if you want to run into idols! Catch the full interview below.