South Korea broadcasts news to North Korea about the soldier who defected

The South Korean army is broadcasting the news of Oh, the North Korean soldier who recently defected, across the Joint Security Area.

The FM radio, known as Freedom Voice, is broadcast loudly so that soldiers as far as 10km to the north can hear it.

The most recent broadcast included information regarding Oh’s escape, recovery, and the parasite found in his body, as well as the North’s food shortage. 

This isn’t the first time the South Korean army has used the radio broadcast as a military tactic.

In response to the North’s 4th nuclear detonation in January 2016, the South broadcasted Freedom Voice from 10 different spots around the JSA; it also blasted the news of Kim Jong Nam’s death.

South Korea blasts news of Kim Jong Nam’s death to North Korea via speakers

The teenaged North Korean soldier who defected earlier this year cited the broadcast as one of his motivations, confirming the South’s army’s belief in the tactic as a form of psychological warfare.

[★BREAKING] North Korean soldier crosses DMZ border to defect to South Korea

… And seeing as how one of Oh’s first requests was to listen to K-Pop, the tactic seems effective.

First Thing North Korean Soldier Asked After Waking Up From Surgery Was To Listen To K-Pop

Source: JoongAng Ilbo