“I Want To Throw Up” — Netizens Are Disgusted By CEO Kang’s Delusional Attitude Towards The OMEGA X Members


Just when the public thought that it was “Happily Ever After” for OMEGA X, OMEGA X’s former CEO, Kang Sung Hee, attempted to ride on the FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT controversy to turn the tables. Kang Sung Hee claimed that “OMEGA X was the second FIFTY FIFTY,” implying that the group betrayed her. On the other hand, OMEGA X previously filed a lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment and CEO Kang for physical and verbal abuse, as well as sexual harassment. They won their lawsuit and terminated their contracts.

Angered by CEO Kang’s audacity, a friend of a member released a series of screenshots documenting CEO Kang’s messages to the members over the years. The messages contained flirtatious tones that made netizens uncomfortable.

“Delulu Relationship With The Members” Friend Of OMEGA X Releases Damning Messages Between Members And Their Former CEO

A netizen also brought up a photograph of CEO Kang at the airport with the members. In the photo, CEO Kang was said to be drunk, and was seen leaning against a member.

L: CEO Kang. R: A member. | theqoo

Not only did CEO Kang try to flirt with the members through messages…

Messages between CEO Kang and a member. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: Hmph… So you don’t love me? I’m super mad. Once I get mad, it lasts a long time.
  • Member: CEO, that’s a given. Don’t you know me by now? I’m also mad.
  • CEO Kang: Wow~~~ Look at you playing the reverse card~~~
  • Member: I’m so disappointed… How can you not know how I feel?
  • CEO Kang: I’m not about to get attacked by a reverse card!

… she also got into dramatic fights with the members if they did not reciprocate her feelings.

Message log from CEO Kang. | theqoo
  • CEO Kang: You’re really asking for a fight.
  • [3 missed calls]
  • [Call lasting 21 minutes 34 seconds]
  • CEO Kang: Let’s stop.
  • CEO Kang: I lost.
  • CEO Kang: You can never meet me again.

Netizens were highly disgusted by the exchange. Although the members had to play along for the sake of their team, CEO Kang crossed a line and took advantage of her position in the company.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Wow, I’m in such shock.
  • The KakaoTalk messages are so *blergh*
  • Wow, I want to puke, f*ck.
  • Is that picture of their backs with the CEO? Ugh, gross. Why is she like that?
  • The CEO is so gross. Wow…
  • Ugh, crazy. Why is she like that? If you’re mentally ill, go get treatment. Don’t play jokes with the dreams of such fine kids like that.
  • I read a bit and scrolled all the way down. Insane.
  • Goosebumps.
  • F*cking gross. OMEGA X’s case is totally different. Why did she try to link them to FIFTY FIFTY?

You can read more about their initial lawsuit below.

OMEGA X’s Legal Representative Reveals The Sexual Harassment The Members Faced From CEO Kang

Source: theqoo