Spotify Receives Borahaefication Ahead Of BTS’s Comeback

The music streaming platform has announced a full comeback schedule.

Spotify has officially received “borahaefication!”

Edited Spotify logo.

Music streaming service Spotify announced a BTS comeback schedule via its official Spotify K-Pop Twitter account. Beginning on June 3, Spotify will release exclusive BTS content under the hashtag “SpotifyPurpleU,” leading up to the group’s comeback on June 10.

The hashtag is, of course, a reference to the expression “borahae” or “I purple you,” penned by V in 2016. It since has become an expression commonly associated with BTS and is even the source for the group’s official fandom color of purple!

Additionally, Spotify revealed a new feature already included in their app for ARMY.

If you go to the “This Is BTS” playlist on the Spotify app, you might notice what appears to be a moving profile picture above the title.

| Spotify

You can click that for exclusive videos of BTS. According to the playlist’s description, new videos will be updated every Friday.

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Like Instagram’s “Stories” feature, short video clips play out one by one after clicking on the circle.

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In the current clips available to watch, the BTS members reflect on their previous eras and highlight discography.

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So, Spotify recommends songs of theirs to listen to accordingly.

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And, of course, Spotify received a full and official borahaefication with a new and improved update to its social media. So, Spotify K-Pop’s Twitter account is fully decked out in purple now!

Screenshot on May 30, 2022. | @SpotifyKpop/Twitter

From Spotify to McDonald’s and even the city of Las Vegas, everyone is receiving the borahaefication treatment these days! Read more below:

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Source: @SpotifyKpop