Spotify Is Bringing ARMYs On A Nostalgia Trip Ahead Of BTS’s Upcoming Album

Relive every one of BTS’s eras.

BTS is expected to release their new album in the first half of 2019 and ARMYs have been eagerly waiting for it ever since the rumours started at the end of 2018. There’s been plenty to keep ARMYs excited in the mean-time with troves of BTS merchandise being released and their encore tour “Speak Yourself” being announced.

Not to mention ARMYpedia which has been letting ARMYs relive all the excitement of BTS’s career and their rise to prominence in the worldwide music scene.

Spotify has been doing their part to help ARMYs on their nostalgia trip. Back at the release of ARMYpedia, Spotify changed their “This is BTS” official playlist to songs from the Dark & Wild and 2 Cool 4 Skool eras.

Well, they’ve updated it again! This time with songs from the ‘HYYH’ era, opening with “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” and ending with “House of Cards”.

Many ARMYs suspect that it will be updated with songs from the “Wings” era next and so on in chronological order. This is so ARMY can experience the rise of BTS before it culminates in the release of their new album. Listen to the playlist for the ultimate nostalgia.