Official “Squid Game” Merchandise Fails To Meet Expectations With Their “Crappy” Designs And Quality

The people have spoken — and they are ruthless.

As the popularity of Squid Game continues to rise at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that the production team finally decided to release official merchandise for all of the fans. The Netflix series has gone on to break record after record, having one of the highest viewership counts in the history of the streaming platform.

Despite the mass popularity, however, the official merchandise has failed to live up to Squid Game viewers’ expectations, as netizens and fans both vocalized their disappointment with the release of its lackluster products.

Still from “Squid Game” | Netflix

Available for purchase on Netflix’s official online store, fans were able to see the different products that were being sold. One of the items is a printed t-shirt featuring the colorful stair room that is being sold for $34.95…


…and who could forget the iconic player number t-shirts, that’s being sold for $39.95.


For all the hoodie people out there, there’s a black sweatshirt priced at $49.95 with the Squid Game Korean logo.


Another printed tee, this time $39.95, shows each children’s game that was played on the series.


Upon seeing all of the official merchandise available, netizens ran to their nearest online community forums to share their honest opinions about the products — and they did not hold back.

| theqoo
  • “Who would buy these. They made it in a way that makes me not want to purchase them.”
  • “ㅋㅋㅋ it’s crappier than expected.”
  • “It’s f*cking awful.”
  • “What is up with the products’ qualities.”
  • “Are they dumb…ㅋㅋ people will buy them if they sell the tracksuits or the frontman’s mask, not these printed t-shirts.”
  • “What is this. I had such high expectations but what is wrong with these items.”
  • “What is going on with the quality.”

And while this release of goods may have been a swing and a miss for Netflix, let’s hope that there will be another round of merchandise released in the future.

In the meantime, if you are new to the Squid Game world or have no idea what this series is about, check out a 3-minute recap down below.

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Source: WikiTree and theqoo

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