“Squid Game” Wi Ha Jun Rocked The “Hey Mama” Choreography — Here’s The Unexpected Reason Why He’s So Good At Dance

He was born to be a star.

Squid Game‘s Wi Ha Jun was always meant to be a performer. While he acted his way into everyone’s hearts through his various dramas and movies, he used to train as part of a dance team! After he shot to fame with Squid Game, Wi Ha Jun’s previous dancing clips came to light and everyone wondered the same thing — Just how was he so dang good at dance?

He recently rocked not one, but two renditions of Street Woman Fighter Noze‘s famous choreography for “Hey Mama”. The dance blew up on the internet and many celebrities have been covering it. Of course, Wi Ha Jun had to jump on the train! Here’s one of his attempts at it.

Fans quickly discovered that he had once given an interview on SBS‘s Cultwo Show that he was an active member of a dance team back in school.

There was no where to learn it formally as it was in the countryside, but I did dance covers. I danced to a TVXQ song when I was in middle school.

— Wi Ha Jun

On SBS’s Power FM, he further shared that he had a strong interest in dance back then.

I wasn’t a trainee but I had lots of interest in dance. In order to be a part of a performance group, I even went all the way to Seoul. After that as I attended acting classes, I naturally thought about being an actor seriously.

— Wi Ha Jun

Thank god, for otherwise we might not have been able to see him on TV! On the other hand, check out him rocking TWICE‘s “TT” below.

Source: News1 and Nate

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