Starship Entertainment Confirms They Will Counter-Sue Jung Da Eun

They will take legal action to protect Wonho.

Starship Entertainment has announced that they will be suing Jung Da Eun following her comments about MONSTA X‘s Wonho.

In another statement made to the public today, Starship Entertainment confirmed they will be filing a complaint against Jung Da Eun.

We plan on submitted a complaint [against Jung Da Eun] through our legal counsel.

We will release our official position on this case as soon as possible.

— Starship Entertainment

Earlier in the week, Jung Da Eun claimed that Wonho still owed her a large amount of money. Starship Entertainment responded to the claims, calling them not true. Jung Da Eun then went on her personal social media and claimed that Wonho lived together with her, and stole her things to sell online. She also claimed Wonho was charged for aggravated theft, and even spent time in juvenile prison.

Source: Xportnews