What If STAYC Weren’t Idols? Here’s What Career Each Member Would Pursue Instead

They all would have completely different career paths instead!

Rookie girl group STAYC have been gaining tons of attention and praise everywhere, and are killing it as an idol group!

STAYC | @STAYC_offical/Twitter

But what if the members of STAYC hadn’t debuted as the group that fans know and love today? In a recent episode of Weekly Idol, where they appeared as guests, STAYC shared what career paths they would pursue if they weren’t K-Pop idols!

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Leader Sumin, the oldest of the group, shared that other than working hard at becoming an excellent singer and dancer, she hadn’t thought about a future career all that much! She commented how if she wasn’t an idol, she’d probably be a normal office-worker with a side job as a Youtuber!

Sumin | @sbsmtvtheshow/Twitter


Main vocalist Sieun is known for her power vocals and musical talent, and she shared that as she’s learnt the piano and ballet from a young age, she’d either be a pianist or a ballerina if the idol path hadn’t worked out for her!

Sieun | @dingo_dgg/Twitter


The group’s fashionista, Isa shared that if she never became an idol, she’d definitely be working in fashion instead! She, however, also idolised HyunA, and worked hard to meet her idol as part of the same industry!

Isa | @dingo_dgg/Twitter


As a hardcore K-Drama lover, Seeun siad that she would love to be a screenwriter for a drama as an alternative career! While she wouldn’t call herself a writer, she enjoys thinking about the next storyline for all the dramas she watches, and feels it could definitely be a viable career path for her!

Seeun | @STAYC_official/Twitter


Yoon revealed that one of her favorite hobbies is building things! She shared that if she didn’t go down the idol route, she would have pursued a career related to woodworking!

Yoon | @dingo_dgg/Twitter


And finally, maknae J shared that due to her affinity towards animals, she would have loved to become a zookeeper if she wasn’t a singer! She also shared a story from her childhood, when she really wanted to keep a snake as a pet, because she really liked snakes and lizards…much to the horror of her members!

J | @sbsmtvtheshow/Twitter

You can watch them talk about it here!

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