STAYs Notice Something Different About Stray Kids At The Airport, And They Can’t Help Praising It

It was a much-needed change!

Stray Kids recently made their way to Jakarta, Indonesia, for their upcoming concert there. On the way, fans noticed something different about their arrival at the airport, and it’s something that they’re more than happy to see.

Stray Kids at Incheon Airport

Stray Kids have been carrying out their highly successful MANIAC world tour. While some organizational decisions for the tour have received criticism from fans, STAYs have been extremely excited to see the group’s sensational performances.

As the members arrived at Incheon Airport for their departure to Jakarta, they each showed off their visuals and unique personal styles.

Bang Chan was recognizable in his all-black outfit, which he added a touch of color to in the absolute best way: by hanging a “Heart Tung” (from Stray Kids’ merchandise) on his backpack.

Yet, what fans were particularly happy to see this time was a noticeable increase in airport security for the members. In the past, netizens have called out idols’ managing companies many times for failing to provide adequate security for airport arrivals.

This has led to several small incidents that, though not extremely harmful, were still enough for netizens to raise serious concerns about crowd safety. Two members of Stray Kids themselves were caused to fall when the group was mobbed at the airport on a couple of different occasions; Felix was pushed to the ground, while Han was tripped and made to hurt his arm.

Han after falling at the airport

The situation at the airport for Stray Kids’ trip to Jakarta couldn’t have been more different, however. There were considerable numbers of security guards waiting for the group…

…enough that the members were completely surrounded by security as they made their way through the airport.

There was security waiting for the members everywhere they went and they calmly kept media and fans out of the members’ personal space.

Once Stray Kids arrived in Jakarta, they were also escorted through the airport by large numbers of security.

Given the tragic events that transpired in Itaewon on October 29 when a crowd surge took place, it makes sense that higher security would be put in place at the airport, where large numbers of fans and media often tend to form big crowds. STAYs are happy to see that Stray Kids were finally given a sizeable security team.

Watch the full video of Stray Kids’ arrival at Incheon Airport right here.

Stray Kids

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