Fans Praise Stray Kids’ Bang Chan For His Thoughtful Actions At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

“Always so attentive.”

There’s no denying that Stray KidsBang Chan is always going above and beyond as the leader of his group, ensuring that his members are always taken care of.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Even though Bang Chan has admitted that he doesn’t actually think of himself as a good leader…

The moment that you accept that you’re a good leader, it means that you’re not a good leader.

— Bang Chan

He continually proves how incredible he is as a leader, whether through protecting his members during performances…

Or literally leading the way in unfamiliar locations.

And Stray Kids’ recent appearance at the 37th Golden Disc Awards only further highlighted how considerate Bang Chan is.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In fancams from the awards show, fans noticed that Bang Chan was constantly checking in on his members.

Bang Chan checking in with his members | @beyondyasmin/Twitter 

And that he even left to grab them water bottles during one of the performances.

Bang Chan returning with water for his members | @beyondyasmin/Twitter 

Fans also loved how proud Bang Chan looked of maknae I.N‘s acceptance speech.

Fans have nothing but praise for this passionate, talented, and hard-working leader.

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The Real Reason Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Makes Such A Great Leader

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