Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Causes Drake To Trend On Twitter In The Most Unexpected Way

“This is peak comedy, I fear…”

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan caused Canadian artist Drake to trend on Twitter in the most unexpected way, and STAYs couldn’t get enough of it.

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Stray Kids are currently on the North American leg of their 2nd World Tour MANIAC. While there have been some security scares that ended up requiring the attention of both the police and the FBI, Stray Kids’ stay in the US so far has been mostly full of fun moments.

Bang Chan in particular has been having fun with fans, as evidenced by his recent admission that they have, in fact, uncovered his real username on the mobile game Pokémon GO.

Now Bang Chan is gaining attention for the hilarious way in which he got Drake to trend on Twitter. The Stray Kids leader held his regular live stream, Chan’s Room, on July 18. As usual, he played a series of songs while chatting with STAYs, and one of them was a song by Drake.

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Bang Chan explained that he has always been a big fan of him. In fact, he revealed that he often performed Drake songs during his trainee evaluations.

And seeing as Drake is an artist that Bang Chan respects, he of course referred to him as such. Except, when he said it, it was so unexpected that many fans couldn’t help laughing.

And the fact that Drake went on to trend as ‘#drake sunbaenim’ has had STAYs absolutely cracking up!

While it’s unlikely we’ll get to hear Drake’s personal thoughts on this trend, some fans couldn’t help but speculate as to what his reaction to seeing it would be. And it’s honestly not that far off from what STAYs first thought when seeing it for the first time…

In any case, seeing as it’s due to Bang Chan’s respect for him, he would be sure to appreciate it!

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