Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has Fans Simping Over An Unexpected Body Part Of His

“STAYS, we stay focused, OK 🙂”

Stray KidsBang Chan is a fan-favorite in K-Pop, both because of his thoughtful personality and because of his impressive visuals.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Bang Chan once again captured the Internet’s attention after his most recent live stream. Fans have always felt grateful that he is do dedicated to Chan’s Room, and his content has never disappointed.

This time, while Bang Chan had STAYs gushing over his cute mannerisms…

…he also gained praise for the way he responded to requests to stop speaking in Korean. While he was as polite and kind as always, he was also firm in his answer, making STAYs very much proud.

But one thing that some fans couldn’t help noticing—and complimenting—was a rather unexpected body part. As STAYs know, Bang Chan is no stranger to praise for his unrivalled physique.

He has regularly sent the Internet into meltdown over his muscles, and has even been mistaken for a bodyguard before.

Yet, rather than his muscles, his recent live stream has had STAYs simping over his…lips.

This isn’t the first time Bang Chan’s lips gain notice…

…but now he definitely has STAYs on the lookout for the “lips agenda”!

Read further about Bang Chan’s most recent episode of Chan’s Room right here.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gains Praise For His Reaction When Asked To Stop Speaking In Korean

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