Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Isn’t The Only Member To Spoil “MANIAC” – Here’s Lee Know’s Clever Spoiler That Fans Missed

Fans really need to be alert, since the members always seem to be giving spoilers.

In the most recent episode of Stray Kids‘ YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” members Lee Know and Hyunjin were paired up to talk while the other members watched from behind a screen and added their own thoughts.

And while Lee Know and Hyunjin were surprising even their own members with how great friends they are, causing Felix to explain just how their relationship has evolved

Stray Kids’ Seungmin (left), Felix (middle), and Bang Chan (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Fans were also surprised when they realized that Bang Chan wasn’t the only member who had spoiled Stray Kids’ recent comeback ODDINARY before its release.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Previously, fans had realized that not only did Bang Chan spoil the track “VENOM” in a vlog two years ago…

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spoiled “VENOM” Two Years Ago… Once Again Proving He’s A Spoiler King

But he also had spoiled lyrics for the title track “MANIAC” at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

Stray Kids Can’t Keep Secrets, Bang Chan Even Spoiled “MANIAC” Last Year

And while, at this point, it seems inevitable that fans are going to keep discovering new spoilers that the members gave, Lee Know helped them out by revealing a spoiler that fans seemed to have missed.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know (left) and Hyunjin (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Lee Know and Hyunjin both talk about how they’ve been spending a lot of time with each other. Eating a lot of snacks…

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

… Hanging out with each other when they’re bored or lonely…

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

… And even visiting a lot of photo booths.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And while Hyunjin sharing the photobooth pictures he takes with his members isn’t a rare occurrence…

A set of photos of Hyunjin and Lee Know that he shared with fans in January actually had more meaning than fans realized. At first, fans were simply happy with the idea that Lee Know and Hyunjin had been spending time together, impulsively deciding to take photos.

But in the episode of “2 Kids Room,” Lee Know revealed that he purposely spoiled the choreography for “MANIAC” in the pictures.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Sure enough, in the last image, Lee Know can be seen covering his face as he does during one of his parts in the choreography.

Although it is a small detail of the song, Lee Know seemed very proud that he was able to give fans a spoiler without any of them realizing or even questioning his unique pose.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

But, certainly, after all the different spoilers that have been revealed for ODDINARY, fans definitely have to keep their eyes peeled for what songs Stray Kids could be spoiling in the future.

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