Stray Kids’ Bodyguard Goes Viral For A Never-Seen-Before Style of Bodyguarding

Fans react to his unexpected security methods.

Stray Kids recently departed Incheon Airport for Jakarta, Indonesia, to continue the Asia leg of their MANIAC world tour.

While at the airport, Stray Kids went viral for an unexpected reason.

Stray Kids at Incheon Airport

While traveling through the airport, fans were delightedly surprised to see Stray Kids surrounded by extra security, ensuring the group could move safely through the building despite the crowds of media and fans surrounding them.

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Fans and netizens have called out the lack of adequate security for Stray Kids in the past, so many were grateful to see that they had more protection which prevented them from being mobbed at the airport.

It wasn’t just the number of security personnel that caught fans’ attention, but also a member of the security team’s actions.

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Oftentimes in potentially dangerous situations, security staff have to act quickly to prevent the group from injury or prevent access to the group by aggressive fans.

This, at times, has led to bodyguards becoming physical with those who inappropriately approach artists, dividing netizens on whether the physical actions taken were too far.

Luckily, no debate was needed over the actions of Stray Kids’ security team. A video surfaced on Twitter with over 227,000 views at the time of writing, with the caption, “Whoa… I’ve never seen any bodyguard speak this nicely before. [The fans] are being treated like kindergarteners.

In the video, the group was seen smoothly moving through the airport despite the crowds of people around them. A bodyguard could be heard very politely saying, “Please don’t push. I’m sorry, excuse us. Please don’t push!

The polite tone was unexpected to fans, and the video quickly caught traction on a popular Korean online community board, where the bodyguard went viral for his surprisingly gentle approach.

| theqoo
  • “I’ve never, in my years of K-Pop stanning, heard that kind of tone of voice.”
  • “How sweet.”
  • “Wow, I figured he was being nice. But this is even sweeter than what I’d expected.”
  • “Haha, he’s adorable.”
  • “He’s so nice that it’s almost funny. LOL. I wish I could have him give me directions on my GPS.”
  • “He’s even sweeter than the tweet makes you imagine.”
  • “Me: OKIE!”
  • “If he asked me like that, I’d be so moved. Like, I’ll personally snatch the pushers myself.”
  • “LOL. He sounds like those taekwondo instructors.”
  • “YES SIR!”
  • “Um? I was not expecting him to be this sweet.”
  • “I wasn’t even at the airport, but as soon as I heard him, I was like, ’Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.’”
  • “Aww, how gentle! LOL.”
  • “No one would be able to push after hearing that. Haha.”
  • “Oh my… LOL.”
  • “Yeah, I’d be on my best behavior. I would not only stop pushing right away, but I’d just halt right then and there.”

Not only was the security team incredibly polite, but they also kept the group safe without issue.

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Source: theqoo

Stray Kids

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