Stray Kids Felix Spills On How He Felt Receiving BTS Jimin’s Unexpected Shout-Out

Felix also opened up about his response on TikTok.

During his solo promotions, BTS‘s Jimin joined one of the YouTube channel PIXID‘s “imposter” videos. In the video Jimin filmed, K-Pop fans who live outside of Seoul had to try and identify the “imposter” among them.

BTS’s Jimin | PIXID/YouTube

While talking anonymously to the fans, Jimin encouraged a Stray Kids fan to reveal her bias: Felix.

Yongbok-ah ㅠㅠㅠ Your low vocal tone is daebak ㅠㅠ Maniac is legendary

— Fan comment

Jimin’s response to the fan’s comment | PIXID/YouTube

In response, Jimin showed off a bit of Stray Kids‘ “MANIAC” choreography to the camera.

Before later joking that BTS “have to take [the fan] back,” since she used to be a member of ARMY before becoming a STAY. To do so, Jimin jokingly addressed a video to Felix, using his Korean name.

Yongbok-nim! I’m not taking her from you… She left home so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

— Jimin

“Please be understanding” | PIXID/YouTube

When Stray Kids’ Bang Chan saw the video, he fanboyed about the shout-out during one of his live broadcasts.

Felix himself responded to Jimin’s video message, uploading a TikTok of Jimin’s “Like Crazy” dance challenge.

And now, in a recent interview with ELLE KOREA, Felix opened up about just how meaningful it was to receive a direct shout-out from Jimin.

Stray Kids’ Feilx | ELLE KOREA/YouTube 

Felix admitted feeling “so touched” that Jimin mentioned his name.


Which is why he felt compelled to let Jimin know, “I’ve enjoyed the video.


And while there’s no denying that both Jimin and Felix have immense love for their fans, Felix thought Jimin’s joke “was fun.”


You can read more here.

Stray Kids’ Felix Finally Responds To BTS Jimin’s Shout Out In The Best Way Possible

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