Stray Kids’ Fans Are Calling Out JYP Entertainment, Concerned About Hyunjin’s Health

They are even more concerned because of the intense choreography for “CASE 143.”

Stray Kids recently made a comeback with the album MAXIDENT. Fans absolutely loved the new album, enjoying every track, and were excited to see Stray Kids return to the stage to perform their title track, “CASE 143.”

However, despite their immense excitement at the new music, fans have been worried about Stray Kids’ health since the group first started their MANIAC world tour. During the tour, Stray Kids had little to no breaks in their packed schedule, which concerned fans since Lee Know, Felix, and I.N had tested positive for COVID-19. Hyunjin also continued to perform on stage despite a severe-looking injury.

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At the time, JYP Entertainment updated fans, informing them that it was a “minor injury” that came from “Hyunjin [bumping] his right hand on a door.

Notice Regarding Hyunjin’s Schedule

Hello, this is JYPE.

We would like to inform you about Stray Kids member Hyunjin’s upcoming schedules.

Shortly before the Oakland show on July 12th (Tuesday, local time), Hyunjin bumped his right hand on a door and sustained a minor injury.

Hyunjin participated in the Oakland show after receiving first aid from the medical team at the venue that day, and on July 13th (Wednesday, local time), he received a thorough medical examination. While the injury is minor, he was given the medical opinion that he should restrain from making harsh movements, so he will avoid strenuous movements and focus on recovering his health for the time being.

We therefore inform you that Hyunjin’s performances for the remaining tour dates may be partially limited.

We apologize for causing concern to STAY who have been waiting for Hyunjin’s performances. JYPE will provide everything possible to support the artist’s swift recovery.

Thank you.

— JYP Entertainment

However, many fans believed the injury was far more significant since it still doesn’t seem to be healed months later.

Fans are now demanding that JYP Entertainment prioritize Hyunjin’s health after fans watching Stray Kids’ Music Core performance noticed that not only was Hyunjin not wearing his cast but that he seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Fans believe the choreography should have been altered. Especially the floor part, which only half of the members do, leading fans to believe that the choreography could have easily allowed Hyunjin to stand and not risk further injury.

Fans are demanding that JYP Entertainment give Hyunjin’s injury a chance to heal before he risks permanently damaging his hand.

Although they admire Hyunjin’s endless commitment to putting on the best possible performances for his fans. There’s no question that Hyunjin is an incredible performer, injury or not.

As of now, JYP Entertainment has made no further updates about Hyunjin’s injury.

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