Korean Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About A Recent Subway Station Advertisement For WayV’s Lucas

It was spotted near the SM Entertainment building.

A subway station advertisement for WayV‘s Lucas has recently surfaced. A community poster spotted the banner at Seoul Forest station, the closest subway station to SM Entertainment‘s office building. The banner contains Lucas surrounded by flowers and a huge heart. The font reads, “even if the sky falls, there will be a hole that rises up. Even if the sky falls, there’s a sun that shines.

| theqoo

The odd text received attention from South Korean netizens for its obviously awkward translation. It was also surprising given that Lucas had been placed on hiatus ever since 2021, when he was accused of cheating in a relationship and more.

He gaslit me by saying that there was no one else who was able to understand him… Everytime, he only came to the hotel, ate room service, slept, and left. The moment we checked out, he cut off contact and drew the line with me by saying it was uncomfortable. Without a single thanks, he acted as if it was a given that I should pay.

— @ooooshiiim

Thanks to the controversy, he was removed from promotions and continues to remain on hiatus until further notice. Netizens expressed their shock at the banner.

| theqoo
  • “He still has fans?”
  • “Are they advertising that he had a scandal? Crazy LOL”
  • “The text LOL are they really fans? Not antis?”
  • “The text is too…”
  • “Are they saying the sky has fallen?? Are they mocking him or LOL”
  • “Non-K-Pop fans will pass by and wonder why the sky fell.”

The banner originates from a fan who simply misses Lucas and wishes to convey their support for him.

Source: theqoo


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