Sunmi Adorably “Complains” About Looking Small Next To Her Tall Inkigayo Hoobaes

Her solution is everything 😂

Sunmi recently made her highly anticipated comeback with “You can’t sit with us” and to celebrate, she held a V Live session for all of her adoring fans. During her time on the broadcast, however, there was one particular part that stood out to all those tuning in.

Sunmi | ABYSS Company

Sunmi discussed her most recent time on SBS‘s Inkigayo by sharing, “while I was doing my interview on ‘Inkigayo,’ I noticed that I was the smallest.”

Sunmi during her “V Live” session | V Live

As a reference photo, here is Sunmi (second from the left) looking extra tiny compared to all of her tall hoobaes! Sunmi was sandwiched in between NCT‘s Sungchan, former  IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin and TREASURE‘s Jihoon.

The adorable little “complaint” made by Sunmi is not at all surprising considering her height difference from her fellow idol hoobaes. Sunmi stands at 5’5, while Sungchan is 6’1, Ahn Yujin is 5’8, and Jihoon is 5’10.

Sunmi on “Inkigayo” next to all of her hoobaes | SBS

Sunmi shared her “complaint” once more by retweeting the above Inkigayo photo and commenting, “hing, they’re all so tall🥲.”

| @miyaohyeah/Twitter

The adorable “You can’t sit with us” singer concluded her height-related V Live segment by commenting, “I should have worn shoe inserts.” 

| V Live

Aw Sunmi! You are adorable just the way you are. The solo singer made her highly awaited comeback with “You can’t sit with us,” which you can check out down below!

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