Sunmi Reveals A Hidden Detail You Might Have Missed In Her “You Can’t Sit With Us” MV

Only the most eagle-eyed viewers can spot this!

Sunmi‘s most recent comeback, “You Can’t Sit With Us”, is a certified bop with the MV having surpassed 45 million views in the week and a half since its release.

| @miyayeah/Instagram

In her first behind-the-scenes for the MV, Sunmi let her Miya-ne in on a bit of a secret that they have missed while watching the MV the first 45 million times.

“You Can’t Sit With Us” | SUNMI/YouTube 

Sunmi shared that the goal of the MV was to take fans back to the early ’00s which included the set dressing.

“I’m recreating the early 2000s feel.” | SUNMI/YouTube 

Sunmi then led the camera over to one of the walls in her “room” and revealed that it was covered in old pictures of Sunmi herself from the early ’00s! The first one she pointed out was from HADURI which was a photo and video program popular among students in the early ’00s in Korea.

“HADURI in elementary school. A photo with HADURI…” | SUNMI/YouTube 
Sunmi’s Haduri photo | SUNMI/YouTube

The next photo she pointed out is one all ’00s K-Pop fans will recognize. “It’s ‘Tell Me’ I was 16 years old!” Sunmi said, referring to the Wonder Girls‘s hit song.

“It’s ‘Tell Me’. I was 16 years old!” | SUNMI/YouTube 
“Tell Me” | MBCkpop/YouTube 

She then pointed to a school photo of herself from 6th grade followed by an even older photo from what she estimated to be 2nd grade.

“It’s 6th grader Sunmi! Oh! Do you also have this? Amazing! I think I was a 2nd grader in this.” | SUNMI/YouTube 
Young Sunmi | SUNMI/YouTube

Eagle-eyed fans may also notice a framed photo of Sunmi’s opening milkshake scene from her hit song “Gashina” on the shelf.

Sunmi in the opening scene of “Gashina” | SUNMI/YouTube
“Gashina (가시나)” | 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube 

Had you noticed any of these cute throwbacks to past Sunmi while watching the “You Can’t Sit With Us” MV? Let us know and to see the rest of her behind-the-scenes, check out the video below: