Sunmi And OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung To Unite As MCs For A New Beauty Show

Fashion tips from fashion icons.

Get It Beauty, one of CJ ENM‘s longest running beauty programs in history, is now switching to a more digitalized platform, creating a spin-off called Studio Get It Beauty. Switching from public broadcast to online streaming platforms such as YouTube may seem like an odd move, but it is a smart one, given that many of the younger generation barely glance at the television anymore.

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Studio Get It Beauty‘s target is the millennials and Gen Z, and aims to provide beauty tips that correspond to their needs. Hence, they have brought on Sunmi, who is a trendy icon for fashion in her own right, and OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung, a rising girl group star who’s known to be like the girl-next-door type of friendly neighbourhood unnie. Here’s why we think they will do well.

1. Sunmi

Sunmi’s known for her fast pick up of trends – her music video and concept for “pporappippam” was decided upon by herself, conceptualized based on the recent trend amongst teens that brought back the 90s and early 00s Tumblr aesthetics.

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Prior to this, every single one of her comebacks have ended up hot issues, such as the “Gashina” dance, her iconic barefoot “Full Moon” performances and more. She’s the perfect candidate to share with the public on trends for fashion and beauty.

2. Hyojung

Hyojung runs her own YouTube channel, Jjeongie Unnie, sharing with fans various tips including beauty and living. She’s just like the older sister you may not have had growing up. Although Hyojung may not seem like the first pick for being super trendy and fashionable, she has her own charm and appeal to others, and her youthful style will balance out Sunmi’s fast moving trends. Check out her exercise vlog below.

The show’s format will include product reviews, tips on buying socially, new trends and have professionals guest to give advice as well. The first episode will air on the 25th of September, through various platforms and formats including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other means.

Source: Hankyung