Sunmi Sent A Message To Her Fans After She Revealed Her Borderline Personality Disorder On “Running Girls”

She didn’t want her fans to worry.

Sunmi recently revealed her diagnosis of borderline personality disorder on a recent episode of Mnet‘s Running Girls with her cast members EXID‘s Hani, Oh My Girls‘s YooAChungha, and LOONA‘s Chuu. 

Following her confession, many fans were concerned about Sunmi and her state of mind. In response, Sunmi took to Weverse and sent a message on December 17 to her fans to assure them she was alright.

| @SUNMI/Weverse

In case you’re worried! I have gotten a lot healthier! Honestly! I confessed to my ‘Miya-ne’ first, but you guys all never mention it….! But I was able to talk about it because I felt I have overcome it! Thank you ‘Miya-ne’, for watching over me in this journey to overpower this and for walking with me one step at a time so I can step forward in this situation. You heal me! You are the only reason I could get through all this!”

—  Sunmi

Fans are happy to hear Sunmi is doing great health-wise and mentally after her confession. Many fans are supporting Sunmi and admiring her bravery to share something personal.

Source: Weverse