Sunmi Posts Dejected Message After Getting Hate For Judging “Sing Again” Contestants As A “Worse Singer”

“I wonder what right I have to judge…” — Sunmi

Sunmi has recently joined the panel of judges for JTBC‘s Sing Again where singers get a second chance at their dream.

But some netizens gave Sunmi hate for “being a less talented judge compared to the contestants.

And in an Instagram story, Sunmi posted a dejected message acknowledging the hate as well as how heavy the position of being a judge is.

I’m aware that it’s a very heavy and difficult position to be in. I feel it every time we’re filming. I wonder what right I have to judge every single contestant. I’m very cautious about it.

— Sunmi

Sunmi stressed that she’s aware that everyone walks different paths in life and that she tries her best to simply keep her eyes and ears peeled so that she can share her feelings.

Everyone walked different paths, and they all have different things they want to say and think. I simply do my best to watch and listen to the performances that the contestants prepared with sincerity and share the countless feelings I feel.

— Sunmi

She then concluded her message with a promise to work harder.

I promise to work harder.

— Sunmi

JTBC’s Sing Again is an audition program that gives forgotten singers or those who haven’t gotten their big break a chance to stand on a stage.

And as a successful singer of 13 years, Sunmi joined the esteemed panel of judges.

Source: Dispatch