Sunmi Hilariously Reveals Her Honest Feelings About Having To Diet

Girl, we feel you!

Ya’ll get ready because Sunmi is gearing up for a comeback!

Still from “Heroine” music video | Makeus Entertainment

It was just a few days ago that the “Pporappippam” singer’s label, Makeus Entertainment revealed that Sunmi would making a comeback at the end of February. This will mark the soloist’s first comeback in 8 months. While fans are getting excited to see what she has in store this time around, it seems that Sunmi getting ready for it in a different way.

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The gorgeous singer recently uploaded a hilarious story onto her Instagram page with some brutally honest words.

| @miyayeah/Instagram

Arghhhhh I hate dieting! It’s so hard! Ugh!

— @miyayeah/Instagram

Sunmi, who has always been known for her incredibly slender physique has previously talked about her weight being a stress of hers. Back in 2020, she shocked all her fans and the viewers of Knowing Bros when she admitted that her real weight was 41 kg (90 lbs). It was during her time on the show that the singer shared her deepest fear. She believed that she could die from being underweight, which is why fans were excited when they heard that she had gained weight. The soloist revealed that with hard work, she was able to get her weight up to 50 kg (110 lbs). Sunmi stands at 166 cm (5’5) which may be another factor as to why her low weight was so shocking to netizens.

Sunmi before her weight gain | Star Daily News

While fans have been rooting her on with her recent weight gain, it seems that Sunmi has been dieting in preparation for her upcoming comeback. Dieting has unfortunately become a “normal” part of every idol’s comeback routine, which is why this news may not be surprising to some. We just hope that she remains healthy through it all.

Sunmi after her weight gain | @miyayeah/Instagram

All this talk about Sunmi’s upcoming comeback is getting us pumped up! We don’t know what concept she’ll return with, but we do know that it’s going to be another classified banger.

Source: Insight and Billboard