Sunmi Successfully Reached 50 Kilograms and She Has Never Looked Better

Sunmi even posted a photo of her scale as proof.

Sunmi recently posted a photo of a scale reading 50 kilograms on her official Instagram account along with a caption of multiple flexing arm emoticons.

Sunmi has always shown off a very thin figure with a height of 166 centimeters and a weight of 40 kilograms, but she recently revealed that she gained 8 kilograms ahead of her world tour.

At the time, Sunmi confessed that the reason behind her weight gain was so that she handle the physical demands of a world tour without straining her body.

And it appears that Sunmi went ahead and gained a little more to reach 50 kilograms, and posted a photo of the proof in order to celebrate with her fans.

Despite gaining a substantial amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, Sunmi still looks thin but a lot healthier at the same time.

It’s undeniable that Sunmi has always looked stunning, but with how gorgeous she’s been looking with her recent weight gain, fans can’t help but express their joy in seeing their idol happy and healthy.

Source: Insight